Message from the President

Progress is achieved through teamwork, and this organization is no different.

— Karen Sollar, CMPE
Chief Executive Officer, Webster Orthopedics
2018-2019 AAOE President

Timeline of Growth

Treasurer’s Report

Tammie Simao, CMPE
2018-2019 AAOE Treasurer

AAOE 2018 reflects a year of investments in the growth of AAOE and resources available to members. There was a decrease in net revenue compared to 2017 of $579,620.  The decline in net revenue was substantially attributable to a net investment of $349,874 in the Data Warehouse and investments in contracted marketing services.

Net revenue was $298,324 less than budgeted due to Board approval, throughout the year, to increase funding for the Data Warehouse.

Our investments experienced a market loss of $96,172 resulting in a balance of $864,665 at year end. Our cash balance was $994,108.

The Board approved the budget for 2019 which reflects a continued focus and investment in the Data Warehouse.

An external audit conducted by Kehlenbrink, Lawrence & Pauckner CPAs of the 2018 financials was completed.  There were no recommendations for improvement, and we were found to be compliant with the AAOE Financial Policies and Procedures.

Lastly, I would like to thank the AAOE Board of Directors and Addy Kujawa, CEO for their dedication and leadership.


Membership Report

Membership numbers remained steady in 2018, with 268 new members and a strong 84% renewal rate.

The Membership Council undertook a few different initiatives to enhance membership benefits and expand awareness of AAOE membership, including:

  • Reviewing the AAOE membership application
  • Reviewing the Awards of Excellence program
  • Conducting outreach to university MHA programs to solicit student members
  • Conducting outreach to AAOS State Societies to help surgeons understand the importance of getting their administrators involved with AAOE
Total Membership*

*Total members, including 34 Emeritus Members, is 1600

Annual Conference Report

More than 500 attendees gathered at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, April 14-17, 2018 for orthopedic-specific education, networking, and industry shopping at AAOE’s Annual Conference.

2018 Annual Conference Sponsors

CEO's Look Ahead

Addy M. Kujawa, CAE
Chief Executive Officer, AAOE


2018 was a year of innovation, transformation, and collaboration, and we were here for it! Any good organization will continue to keep those at the forefront for continued growth and success and AAOE is no different. Here are some of the highlights of what’s coming in 2019!

50th Anniversary: If you haven’t heard, this is AAOE’s (BONES) 50th year! And we are going all out! We produced a video, a book, and a mural. We invited all Past Presidents to attend the conference – on us! 18 are joining us and we are excited to thank them personally for their contributions over the years. If you’re at the Annual Conference, you’re getting to experience all this in person. If you didn’t make it to Nashville, watch the video here, read the book here, order a personal copy for yourself (while supplies last) here, and enjoy our interactive timeline here.




AAOE provides advocacy, networking, and business development for the profession of orthopedic and musculoskeletal healthcare.

About Us

To set the standard for knowledge and insight as it relates to orthopedic practice management. Foster credibility that is universally recognized.
To be the premier management association serving orthopedic practice executives. To identify and provide unmatched peer to peer networking and to be recognized for educational excellence for orthopedic executives.
To set the standard for knowledge and insight as it relates to orthopedic practice management.
Provide content and resources for orthopedic practice executives. Competence and reflect excellence and high standards for orthopedic practice management. Encourage connections to and between members, non-members, physicians, and affiliated groups.